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Welcome to racingnut.net! My name is Brett Higginbotham and I am doing websites for race car drivers, my first one is for Dan Green and G & H Motorsports.

Currently I am getting back into doing web sites so I am a little rusty but I am sure it will not take me a long time to figure them out again. You will find the options with pricing here. I have a few templates with what your site could look like with your colors, pictures and information on your team.

This site is also dedicated to racing that I like from the past to present, a page is just for my dad’s racing effort.

I also plan on putting a page up for news about local racing from Grandview Speedway and others that I can get information from. Dirt Track Racing is what I love the most, Late Models are my favorite followed by the Modified's then Sprints. If you have a race team, are PR for a track send me news at news@racingnut.net and I will post on my page.

Below are a few samples of the sites I am offering, I personally like to go to a website and see a clean site, this is what I am planning on doing. Change colors, pictures and some other minor things and you can get a nice website that will promote you and your sponsors. I have a couple people that I would recommend to use for pictures and graphics for the site, my price is just for the set-up and maintenance for each year.

       I will be updating this site as often as needed, check out the news page for the most up to date information I have.